Mai-Kai Tiki Decanter Blue Limited Edition of 50

Eekum Bookum

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The original Mai-Kai Decanter was released in 1961 as a collaboration between Don Q Rum and the Mai-Kai.  We are now in the 60th Year Celebration of the Mai-Kai and we all love to collect special pieces to commemorate the Anniversary so here's your chance!

This decanter was created by Eekum Bookum after an idea was presented to Tiki Kiliki to revive the Mai-Kai decanter by Don Q Global Ambassador, Alexx Mouzourris.  John Mulder, of Eekum Bookum, sculpted this creation larger and a bit different in detail than the original to be able to give you a one of kind, unique piece.  

The original decanter, like this one, is designed after the Cook Islands Tiki God, Tangaroa, the God of the Seas and is highly coveted by Tiki collectors all over the world.  

This new creation is larger in design than the original standing an impressive 10 inches at the tallest point and 4.5 inches at his widest point.  It also features the Mai-Kai logo on the front of the decanter and the Eekum Bookum logo on the bottom.  Each decanter comes with a Mai-Kai swizzle stick too! 

There are only 100 pieces in this edition.  Purchase now and own a piece of history!!